Special 3 Day Workshop:
Monday - Wednesday LIVE Classes

How I Trade

with Tom Busby and Geof Smith

Watch this short video to see what's covered.
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Hey folks,

Believe it or not, another crazy year is coming to an end.

That means holidays, putting on weight, New Year's resolutions…

AND some of my favorite markets to trade.

I love jumping on opportunities while most folks are checked out (or just exhausted from a long year in the trading trenches).

Instead of giving you a video course or a trade signal, I want to use this time wisely to help you really understand my approach to the markets.

I want to SHOW you how I trade in real time:

I am going to use this as an opportunity to work closely next week with the folks that are serious about learning how to trade.

And I really mean it. I’m not talking about sending you an old archived training video...

I am going to have 3 consecutive days of live trading workshops where we can look at the markets together.

DAY 1: How to determine market direction at the beginning of each week. 

Understanding market direction is paramount.

It’s not rocket science to understand that when you’re trading with the market rather than against it, you're in a much better position as a trader…

But what most traders struggle to understand is HOW to get on the right side of the market. So day 1 of this intensive is solely focused on understanding market direction.

DAY 2: How to use Monday’s price action to prepare your trading plan for the rest of the week

Once you have a direction, it’s time to get specific!

I’ll walk you through my personal process for creating a blueprint based on Monday’s price action. This helps me map out opportunities for the rest of the week, hone in on potential breakout sectors and stocks, etc.

Almost everything I do over the course of the week is based on intel from Sunday and Monday!

Learn this process! You’ll love it!

DAY 3: How to pyramid winning trades.

Ultimately, what is the whole point of trading? I think you already know the answer to that question…

What I may need to tell you though is that trading tends to have a very unequal distribution of profits.

What that means is that if a trader has a certain profit target - let’s say $40k - over the course of 200 trading days, it’s pretty unlikely that the trader made $200 each and every day.

Far more likely is that there were some low profit days, some losing days and then a concentrated period of much bigger gains that made up a large portion of the total profit.

In fact, it’s not uncommon, even for professional traders, to make a huge percentage of their gains in a few weeks of the entire year.

That makes taking advantage of those opportunities very critical. Which is why “pyramiding” is one of the most important things I could ever teach you.

And I will walk you through it step-by-step on day 3 of our time together.
Speaking of trades…

Yes, We Will Find Real Trades Together

Each day we’ll look for opportunities and I will help you understand each and every opportunity we discuss...

 # Why I believe in each trade
​ # How these types of trades get triggered
​ # What kind of risk management I’ll be using
​ # The time horizon I expect for each position
​ # The filters and analysis I will use in real time to confirm each one
​ # How I’ll hedge against the market as a whole
​ # What I am looking for next after these setups
​ # And a lot more

The classes will start this week each day Monday - Wednesday from 9am to 10am.

It will be an interactive, intensive, hands-on opportunity for folks to take their trading to the next level.

My goal is to help my readers make a switch from following an alert or idea to being a confident provider of their own opportunities moving forward.

It’s ridiculously cheap to join the workshop:

Next week isn’t about me trying to make 6 or 7 figures on selling something so I can buy myself a new car for Christmas...

The point is to focus on a group of people and teach them how I trade.
In short, it’s for folks who want to understand my approach to the market that’s served me well for 40 years.

It’s also a way to make myself available to answer questions and work with people in a hands-on environment as we launch into a season of opportunity.

So I am charging practically nothing for your seat…

Let me be frank, my time is worth a lot more than this.

I am making it inexpensive so mainstream traders who feel it is right for them can join without hesitation.

But I am charging something so that I have a class of people who I know are taking this seriously.

A small price also keeps it limited enough that I can answer every question and manage the class properly.

So you can secure a seat in the class for $39 using the form below…

Keep in mind the trading opportunities alone would normally be sold for $497 - $997.

And my multi-day intensives are usually several thousand dollars.

So this is probably the least expensive way to learn what I do in the history of my company.

But I believe it’s an important moment in time to focus on learning, practicing and preparing as we head toward 2022.

So use the form below and secure a spot in the workshop.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive:

 # 3 Day Live Intensive “How I Trade the Markets”
​ # Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday LIVE session from 9:00am - 10:00am ET
​ # Recording of every session to keep forever
​ # Live analysis, explanation and background on the short term and medium term market opportunities I am focusing on
​ # Trade details like potential targets, exit areas, hedges, risk guidelines, etc. that I will be using
​ # Q&A and feedback during each session
​ # A written summary after the week to give you a “cheat sheet” on each opportunity covered and why we believe it in it
And, yes, all of that is just $39…

Grab your seat before we kick off.

You’ll receive your class access instructions right away when you join with the form below.

Fill out the form below to sign up for Tom and Geof's "How I Trade" class:

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